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Abs workout! Reblog & save for the week

The health benefits of raspberries

12 grain French toast with honey peanut butter and chai spice grilled banana and a bit of maple syrup with a side of fresh berries and coconut Greek yogurt with fresh grated ginger! 😍👍 the start of on awesome week!
Spiced Indian Sweet Potato Patties
Sweet Potatoes-3 Medium or 4-5 small (makes about 8-10)
Potato (any kind)-1 medium boiled
Ginger-1 inch crushed
Green Chillies (jalapeños)-2 chopped finely
Ground Cumin-1 tsp
Ground Coriander-1 tsp
Cornstarch-2-3 tbsps
Salt-to taste
Oil-for shallow frying

Wash the Sweet potatoes and bake it in the oven at 350 degrees F for 50 mins- 1 hour until cooked.
In the meantime boil a potato either on the stove-top or in a microwave.Peel off the skin of the sweet potatoes and the potato, mash it and mix all the ingredients except oil.Take some of the mix and flatten it between your hands, into round shaped patties.Heat oil in a no stick pan over medium heat.Shallow fry until nicely brown and caramalized on both sides.Serve hot with some ketchup!

Notes: For best results 

refrigerate the ready patties for about 20 minutes before you fry them
Use a Non-Stick pan to prevent them from sticking (do not use too much oil, just 2 tbsp on each side should suffice)
Let the patties develop a nice golden color on one side before you flip them
For those of you with popcorn makers and others brave enough to handle a skillet… here are 23 healthy ways to a more exciting and healthy popcorn snack: 
Sweet Popcorn Toppings
Chocolate: Sprinkle on hot popcorn 1 tablespoon mini chocolate chips (50 cals). You don’t need any fat, but maybe a pinch of salt. Toss well, and grab napkins. This one is messy. You could also swap in other flavors of chips: peanut butter, butterscotch, mint-chocolate… the possibilities are endless (and messy)!Mexican Chocolate: Sprinkle on a teaspoon of butter, then a few shakes of cinnamon a dash of cayenne and a teaspoon or so of unsweetened cocoa powder (20 cals).Cinnamon-Sugar: 1 teaspoon unsalted butter (34 cals) or coconut oil (39 cals), 1 teaspoon sugar (16 cals; choose brown sugar for more flavor), cinnamon to taste (3 cals). Sprinkle the sugar on the buttered popcorn, then shake on the cinnamon. Other good combos: sugar and chai spices, sugar and pumpkin pie spice, powdered ginger and sugar, vanilla or lavender sugar.Buttery Maple: Drizzle on 1 teaspoon salted butter (34 cals) and 1 teaspoon maple syrup (17 cals). Eat immediately because this will get soggy in places. For added flavor, sprinkle on ground rosemary or black pepper.
Savory Popcorn Toppings
The possibilities here stretch the length of the herbs and spices aisle at the supermarket. Start with your teaspoon of fat, then sprinkle on as many herbs and spices as you desire. They’re virtually fat-free and incredibly low in calories.If your herbs and spices are not powdered, use a spice grinder or mortar and pestle so they’ll sprinkle on popcorn more easily.Here are some suggestions (be sure to choose salt-free seasonings):
Italian seasonings (oregano, fennel, red pepper flakes, marjoram, and basil) with olive oil
Curry powder (red or yellow) with coconut oil
Lemon-pepper and butter
Garlic powder and butter or olive oil
Rosemary, thyme, and sage with olive oil
Jerk seasoning and coconut oil
Old Bay seasoning, dried lemon zest, and butter
Herbes de Provence and butter
Tarragon, dried mustard and butter
Smoked paprika and olive oil
Five spice powder and coconut oil
Salty Popcorn Toppings
Cheesy: Skip the oil and sprinkle on 1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese (23 cals). You can use the fancy stuff, but the canned variety works really well on popcorn! For pizza popcorn, add dried oregano and red pepper flakes.Cheezy: If you don’t eat cheese, go for nutritional yeast. Sprinkle on two tablespoons of “nootch” (60 cals) atop popcorn drizzled with Bragg’s (0 cals). Take this over the top with a sprinkle of smoked paprika (3 cals). BONUS: 2 T nutritional yeast has 8 g protein and 6 g fiber!Gomashio: This Japanese condiment is perfect atop popcorn. A mix of sesame seeds, nori (seaweed) and salt, it adds texture and saltiness. Sprinkle on 1 tablespoon (30 cals) along with 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil (20 cals).Ranch: Start with a teaspoon of unsalted butter (34 cals), then sprinkle on one teaspoon ranch dressing mix (15 calories). This amount contains 405 mg sodium, so feel free to cut back.Flavored Salt: Used sparingly, you can accommodate a bit of salt on your popcorn. In 1/4 teaspoon, you’ll add 581 mg sodium to your day. Choose flavored salts for an extra boost of flavor. Sprinkle on after adding your fat of choice.
Spicy Popcorn Toppings
Buffalo: Mix equal parts hot sauce and butter, then sprinkle on your popcorn. This will make it a bit soggy and messy, but it’s so good. Sprinkle on nutritional yeast (30 cals per tablespoon) for more flavor.Chili-Spiced: If you don’t want such a messy snack, reach for chili powder. (Try chipotle powder, which will add a bit of smoky flavor.) You can also use a teaspoon of taco seasoning, but choose salt-free varieties.Fiery Wasabi: For a sinus-clearing snack, sprinkle on wasabi powder to taste (0 cals in 1/4 teaspoon) along with 1/4 teaspoon Bragg’s or low-sodium soy sauce and 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil (20 cals).
Word to the wise: there are chemicals in the microwaveable popcorn bags and the artificial flavoring/coloring that are proving harmful to people! If you can, try popping your own popcorn in a popcorn maker or over the stove!
I went to bed last night knowing these oatmeal-banana-egg white-whey protein-greek yogurt pancakes would be made at some point today. After a long workout  at the gym, I was hungry and in the mood for a large stack of “clean eating” pancakes.
1 very ripe banana
whey protein powder
whole rolled oats
greek yogurt (cottage cheese works too)
spelt (or any type of flour)
eggs/egg whites
vanilla extract
baking soda
sea salt
in a microwavable bowl, “melt” one overly ripe banana. That means mash it up with a fork and 2 tablespoons of water and microwave on high for 30 seconds. 
Then mix in 1/3 cup of oats, 2/3 scoop of whey protein powder, 2 tablespoons spelt flour, 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and a dash of salt, cinnamon and baking soda
then in a separate bowl, whisk whites of 3 eggs. Then mix in with the rest of the batter
add more flour or milk depending on desired consistency
**the batter is more successful the longer it sits. Try making it the night before and leaving it in the fridge to meld together. It’ll need more liquid in the morning.
in a heated pan over medium heat, pour batter onto greased heated surface and continue to cook as regular pancake
caution! this batter is prone to breaking apart… hence my mess of pancakes
Optional add-ins, sides and toppings:
batter add-ins: BLUEBERRIES—> my fave… especially Maine blueberries, chocolate chips, cut up bananas, chopped nuts
toppings: melted berries— cook berries of choice in microwave with tablespoon of water on high for 1-2 minutes. It may need a bit of sweetener! 
sides: greek yogurt mixed with jam, melted berries, pb2, nut butter, maple syrup, or honey
After a long day in the library, and a Quest bar to keep my brainpower jamin’, I wan’t too hungry when I got home. I am the kind of girl that never skips a meal. So, i whipped up this super healthy and fairly easy late dinner for my self! 
It’s Stew Leanord’s (a farm to table atmosphere grocery store around my area) eggplant tomato soup complimented by a caramelized vidalia onion, fofu shirataki fettuccini noodles and spinach. 
I first cut up and sautéed the onions. Then, I rinsed the noodles and added them to the translucent and a tad bit sweet onions. Then I added the soup and spinach and some salt and pepper and let it simmer until everything was hot all the way though. 
You can do this with any kind of tomato (Trader Joes roasted red pepper tomato is my fave), butternut squash or carrot soup as the base! Feel free to substitute noodles or grain of choice as well as any veggies you have on hand. It’s a light, vegetarian dinner that hits the spot.